6 Camping Grounds In Bandung for Family Camp, The Other is Glamping Camp

rancaupas camping ground bandung

If in Bogor, there is Highland Camp as a family camping place ((or family camping is a family recreational activity carried out in the open by sleeping in a tent, aiming to get an adventurous experience in the wild and learning about the environment and building quality togetherness in the family)) based on adventure and special interest tourism with the natural beauty of the mountains and the charm of the water element But,  in Bandung the campsite which commensurates with Highland camps, they are Ranca Upas campground with its Timor deer, Taman Wisata Grafika Cikole camp, Pine Forest Camp Lembang, and Green Grass Cikole camp.


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Campgrounds In Bandung- The tourism growth in Bandung is due to a shift in the mass tourism market, which has shifted to the special interest tourism market with more appreciation and appreciation for preserving nature, the environment, and culture.

And Bandung with a cool and humid climate. The area is surrounded by mountains, forming Bandung’s morphology like a giant bowl with all the charms because of the mountainous environment surrounds it.

In Bandung, there are many camping sites, natural tourism parks, Grand Forest Parks, and adventure as the special interest tourism activities whose popularity is already at the National level. This is marked by the visits of local and foreign tourists to Bandung and others.

The proliferation of mountainous nature-based tourist sites such as camping grounds, etc., is due to the strong environmental carrying capacity of Bandung and the increasing popularity of special interest tours as alternative tourism, etc.

6 Camping Grounds In Bandung For Family Camp

Campgrounds in Bandung – Family camp is a pro-educational solution in vacations and builds effective communication and quality togetherness in the family. Camping activities are an alternative to adventure-style family vacations that have many benefits, especially for children. “Family camping is a family recreational activity carried out in the open by sleeping in a tent, aiming to get an adventurous experience in the wild and learning about the environment as well as building the quality of togetherness in the family.

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In Bandung, there are many camping sites for family camping, most of which are in mountainous areas and forest areas, such as the Ranca Upas camping ground, Graphic Cikole Tourism Park, The Maribaya Lodge, Green Grass Cikole camp, Pine Forest Camp, and many others.

Ranca Upas Campground (Kampung Cai Rancaupas)

ranca upas camping ground bandung
Camping activities at Ranca Upas camping ground

Campgrounds in Bandung-Ranca Upas camping ground or Kampung Cai RancaUpas is a campground, deer breeding place, hot spring pool, and a place for ecotourism which is located on Jl. Raya Ciwidey – Patengan KM. 11, south Bandung, or about 50 Kilometers south of the center of Bandung City and 6 Km to the southeast of Kawah Putih.

The Ranca Upas area has  ​​215 hectares, located at an altitude of 1,700 meters above sea level. Ranca Upas is a mountain forest that is found in some rare trees such as Huru, Hamirug, Jamuju, Kihujan, Kitambang, Kurai, Pasang, tree Puspa, and many more.

As a protected forest, Ranca Upas is home to many wild animals such as monkeys and various birds. And, one of the interesting things is the deer conservation complex which is also used as a tourist spot, where visitors can observe and interact directly with the deer that inhabit the Rancaupas forest, South Bandung.

The Story of Ranca Upas Bandung

Campgrounds in Bandung- Ranca Upas, which is a wilderness with extensive swamps, was originally a Kopassus training site, then turned into a protected forest by Perum Perhutani and then used as a camping site or camping ground.

Linguistically, Ranca Upas is taken from two syllables in the Sundanese language, namely Ranca, which means swamp. Upas is an officer whose name is legendary in the Patuha mountain area. Many people said that Upas was a burly officer with a height of 198 cm. He was a Dutch national who died while exploring the swamps in the area now known as Ranca Upas.

Rancaupas Camping Ground Bandung

Campgrounds in BandungInitially, now the area which is known as Kampung Cai Ranca Upas was built as a camping site, an outdoor-based training center, and a deer breeding place. With the natural and geographical characteristics of Ranca Upas, this area developed into a natural park that offers tourist activities for families. The most popular is the camping ground and deer conservation complex and hot springs.

Deer Conservation Complex Rancaupas Bandung

penangkaran rusa di rancaupas bandung
Timor Deer Species (Cervus timorcnsis de Blainville)

Campgrounds in Bandung – Timor deer species (Cervus timorcnsis de Blainville) has reddish-brown fur and lighter neck and legs, which  Perhutani Unit III West Java, South Bandung KPH in the conservation complex of Rancaupas Bandung, initially numbered 11 deer, 5 of which were female deer. And over time, the eleven deer breed so that they become a large group in Ranca Upas Bandung.

Grafika Tourism Park Cikole camping ground Lembang Bandung

taman grafika cikole camp bandung
The gate of Grafika Camping Ground Cikole Bandung

Campgrounds in Bandung– The Grafika Cikole camping ground tourist terminal is located at Jalan Tangkuban Perahu KM.8, Cikole, Lembang, Cikole, Lembang, West Bandung Regency, Graphic Cikole Tourist Park is a camping place in Lembang, located at the foot of the mountain surrounded by pine forests in an area of ​​9 hectares, at an altitude of 1400 meters above sea level.

Apart from being a camping place, the Grafika Cikole Tourism Park camping ground is a tourist spot, restaurant, and inn with various supporting facilities, namely Grafika Bird Park, Urban Camp, Spot Photograph / Pre-Wedding Spot, Jungle Trekking, Timor Deer Captivity, and many others.

Urban Camp Grafika Cikole Lembang Bandung

grafika cikole camp ground bandung
Taman Wisata Grafika Cikole Camping Land Bandung

Campgrounds in Bandung – Urban camp is an accommodation style Taman Wisata Grafika Cikole by combining the structure of the hut on the body and not the element of a tent that is placed as the roof. The urban camp is intended for fans of the camping genre, located in the “Cikole Camping Land Graphics Tourism Park.” the urban camp units are located on a stretch of grass in the hills, between the merkusii pine trees with refreshing air. Graphic Cikole Lembang Bandung is located at the foot of Mount Tangkuban Perahu.

The Lodge Maribaya Camp Bandung

The Lodge Maribaya camp Bandung
Tent Model At The Lodge Maribaya

Camp di Bandung – The Lodge Maribaya yang berada di Jalan Maribaya No. 149/252 RT. 03 / RW. 15 Babakan, Gentong, Cibodas, Lembang, Kabupaten Bandung Barat, Jawa Barat, adalah destinasi wisata yang menyediakan fasilitas untuk berkemah dengan tenda-tenda yang khas dan unik. Setiap tenda yang berbentuk layaknya seperti “setengah botol bagian atas” memiliki fasilitas yaitu :

  • 2 Single Bed / 1 Double Bed (queen size)
  • Shower Aminities (towel, shampoo, soap, tooth paste, tooth brush)
  • slippers
  • electricity
  • sharing mini bar (coffee & tea)
  • sharing toilet (shower & heater)
  • sharing bonfire. Source:  thelodgemaribaya.com

The Lodge Maribaya, previously known as The Lodge Earthbound & Adventure Park, initially accommodated outbound and camping activities. And over time, The Lodge Maribaya increases its creative tourism by building and holding various attractive outdoor facilities such as Hot Air Balloon, The Lodge Maribaya, Zip Bike Maribaya The Lodge, Gantole The Lodge Maribaya, Sky Wing Swing The Lodge Maribaya, and Bamboo Sky The Lodge Maribaya.

Green Grass Cikole Camp Bandung

Green Grass Cikole camp Bandung
Camping Activities at Green Grass Cikole Camp Bandung

Camp grounds in Bandung – Green Grass Cikole, previously more popular with the name zone 235 Cikole Lembang, is located in Cikole Jaya Giri, Lembang, West Bandung Regency, West Java. With  ​​about 24 hectares divided into 4 blocks, it can accommodate up to 2000 campers. At Green Grass Cikole, there is an outdoor meeting area with a natural feel of pine trees.

Green Grass Cikole, managed by the Perhutani Independent Business Unit (KBM) Ecotourism Diver Janten, is located in the Cikole nature tourism area, close to Cikole Jaya Giri Resort, Bandung Treetop, Orchid Forest, and Tangkuban Perahu.

Pine Forest Camp Lembang Bandung

Pine Forest Camp Bandung
The tent at Pine Forest Camp Lembang Bandung

Campgrounds in Bandung -Pine Forest Camp is located in the hills of North Bandung at an altitude of 1200 m above sea level with cool air and a beautiful environment because it is located in a forest area with dense vegetation and covers a dominance of merkusii pine trees. Pine Forest Camp is located in Suntenjaya, Lembang, West Bandung Regency.,

Pine Forest Camp Lembang Bandung is a campground located on  ​​​​four hectares designed to comfort in carrying out activities in the wild such as family camping activities/family camping and other special interest tours with tents as a place to stay.

Eagle Camp Dusun Bambu Bandung

Dusun Bambu Camping Ground; tesyasblog

Campgrounds in Bandung – Eagle Camp is a family camping place equipped with cold and hot water, a fireplace for barbecue, etc. The standard facilities of the Eagle camp tent are intended for two people in each tent, with the facilities being two beds with blankets and sleeping beds, two towels, welcome drink, toiletries, and two vouchers for breakfast.

Camping Ground Eagle camp Dusun Bambu is located on Jl. Colonel Masturi No. KM, Kertawangi, Kec. Cisarua, West Bandung Regency. This Camping Ground is located in the Dusun Bambu tourist area, an ecotourism-based recreation park with the Healthy Tourism Concept.

Glamping Places in Bandung

Glamping in Bandung – Glamping or glamorous camping in many people’s minds is a camping facility wrapped in luxury interior tents and other supporting facilities designed to provide comfort and prestige for visitors. The design that is deliberately made neat, beautiful, and as luxurious as possible by the glamping facility provider, from a place to sleep, a bathroom to the availability of cable TV and air conditioning, has become a public perception of the glamping brand. 

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And, in Bandung, many venues provide the concept of Glamping or glamorous camping, such as Glamping Lakeside Rancabali Ciwidey Bandung, Glamping Legok Kondang Lodge, Trizara Resorts Lembang, and many others with resort concepts with tent elements.

Glamping Lakeside Rancabali Ciwidey Bandung

Glamping Rancabali bandung
Top View Glamping Lakeside Rancabali Ciwidey Bandung

Glamping di Bandung – The venue, which opened in early July 2016, is located on Jl. Raya Ciwidey – Patengan No. Km, RW. 39, Situ, Patengan, Rancabali District, Bandung. In the Glamping Rancabali area with a view overlooking Patengan, it has a Pinisi Resto, a restaurant, and glamorous camping tent units as a place for tourists to stay.

Both the tent and the Pinisi restaurant, which are located next to Patengan and adjacent to the love stone area, blend with the beauty of Patengan lake, the natural landscape of the Patuha mountains, and the Rancabali tea plantation.

Various outdoor activities that have been prepared in the Glamping Lakeside Rancabali Ciwidey Bandung area are in the form of places to stay with luxury tents, boating using canoes, or using paddle boats in Patengan, trekking around Rancabali tea plantations, mud bathing, cycling, and others. Meanwhile, the existing tourist rides around the glamorous camping area of ​​Rancabali include:

  • Wahana Teras Bintang;
  • Wahana Taman Kelinci;
  • Wahana Taman Angsa;
  • Wahana Jembatan Pinisi;
  • Wahana Floating Brigde;
  • Wahana Batu Cinta;
  • Kawah Rengganis;
  • Wahana Mandi Lumpur Belerang
  • Wahana Perahu di Danau Rancabali, dan masih banyak lainnya.

Meanwhile, the closest attractions from Glamping Rancabali include White Crater, which has a distance of about 5.4 km, and Rengganis Crater (2.6 km), natural hot spring baths, Ciwalini hot springs, Rancaupas, Ciwidey Valley Resort, and others.

Glamping Legok Kondang Lodge

Glamping Legok Kondang Lodge
Night Athmoshphere at Glamping Legok Kondang Lodge

Glamping in Bandung – This glamorous camping place that carries the concept of “different way to stay” is located on Jalan Kurunangan Lebak Muncang, Lebakmuncang, Kec. Ciwidey, Bandung, is about 60 minutes away from the city of Bandung. Glamping Legok Kondang is an inn with a modern tent that has complete facilities like a resort, including:

  • Swimming pool;
  • Spacious Parking Area;
  • Water heater;
  • Modern toilet;
  • Cable Television and Wifi;
  • Shuttle from the parking area;

Trizara Resorts Lembang Glamping Bandung

Trizara Resorts Lembang Glamping Bandung
The View of Trizara Resorts Lembang Glamping Bandung

Glamping in Bandung – This glamping place with views of the cliffs and mountains has luxurious room facilities, also has a ballroom meeting, restaurant, and supporting facilities for activities within the Trizara Resorts area. Likewise, with the equipment for outdoor activities such as outbound activity areas and many other facilities available in the Trizara Resorts area, which is located on Jl. Pasir Wangi, Kahuripan Warehouse, Lembang, West Bandung Regency.

Trizara Resorts is a place to stay in West Bandung using a large tent with complete facilities in it in the form of a bathroom, slippers, towels, water heater, tea or coffee, and an electric water heater.

Conclusion of Family Campsite in Bandung

ranca upas camp bandung
Eiger tent at campsite in Bandung

Campgrounds in Bandung – There has been a shift in mass tourism towards special interest tourism, one of which impacts the camping genre. Camping which used to be an actor known only to scouting groups and nature-lovers, we have loved all social, educational, and economic strata.

The potential for this shift in the tourism market has been scrutinized by various tourism actors, one of which is the accommodation service business. In this case, the accommodation provides a camping site. Since 2013, several camping sites in Bandung have begun to be developed, both by state-owned enterprises such as Perum Perhutani, private companies, or community groups engaged in tourism.

These are Ranca Upas camping ground or Kampung Cai Ranca Upas, Grass Park Cikole camping ground Lembang Bandung, Urban camp Grafika Cikole Lembang Bandung, The Lodge Maribaya camp Bandung, Green Grass Cikole camp Bandung, Pine Forest Camp Lembang Bandung, Eagle camp Bandung, Dusun Bambu which has been popular as a Nature Park with a camping area in it for family camps.

Meanwhile, Trizara Resorts Lembang Glamping Bandung, Glamping Legok Kondang Lodge, Glamping Lakeside Rancabali Ciwidey Bandung are tourist attractions that provide accommodation (accommodation) with the concept of Glamping or glamorous camping in Bandung, West Java. 

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