HIGHLAND CAMP Curug Panjang is located at an altitude of 949 to 1086 meters above sea level. This camping site is designed to facilitate special tourism activities based on adventure, nature tourism, and education.

Our camping ground is formed from the beauty of an artificial landscape shows a comfortable camping place. It’s present between the lower mountain hill, the element of water, and the beauty of the natural landscape with the richness of biodiversity.

Many unique and interesting facts are not published and the campers do not know about Highland Camp. Here are 7 facts about Highland Camp, Curug Panjang, which is located in Puncak, Bogor, West Java.



The Most Expensive Camping Ticket

The first fact of Curug Panjang Highland Camp is the most expensive entrance ticket (HTM) in Bogor Campsite Area. It’s more expensive than  Gunung Gede Pangrango National Park, or Halimun Salak National Park, or the other campsite in Bogor and Cibodas Campsite Tourism.

The range of Entrance Ticket Prices (HTM) at other campsite ranging from IDR 20.000,- up to IDR 50.000,- while Highland Camp set HTM IDR 66.000,- in 2020.

Highland Camp Curug Panjang provides the best facilities for campers are:

  • Free parking
  • Free portable lighting (Standing lamp) in the area around the tent
  • Free electrical installation around the tent such as sockets, etc.
  • Field staff (crew) who can be assisted camping activities and nature tourism.

No Booking, No Camping !

No Booking, No Camping !

Unlike other camping sites managed by private companies, National Parks or private campers must prepare ticket booths to enter the campground. At Highland camp no ticket booths to enter. In this case, campers must reserve first, with the staff and make reservations, so the staff will plotting areas at least 2 days before camping.

The campers who haven’t made a reservation first can’t get a spot for camping at Highland Camp Curug Panjang. So, our staff will recommend other camping sites outside around Highland Camp. Some of the camping spots around Highland camp are:

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The Widest Camping Area

The Widest Campping Ground

If in Cibodas tourism area there is a camping ground with 40 hectares area and their capacity up to 10.000 people, while in Puncak Tourism area, there is Highland Camp Curug Panjang is the widest camp area, with mountain forest feel and air elements with five exotic waterfalls surrounding the camping area.

In West Bogor, the other widest camp area is Mount Halimun Salak in the National Park area.

Fire Flies Conservation

Taman Kunang Kunang
Fire Flies Conservation Park

Another unique facts at Highland Camp Curug Panjang, is the existence of an education and conservation zone which is home to thousands of fireflies. Firefly Park is an area with a dense vegetation level and very rich in organics ingredients. This zone also keeps the pristine nature to preserve the population of nocturnal insects that can produce light from cold rays of pale red, yellow, and green.

Enjoy the beautiful firefly phenomenon at its best between 19.30–22.00 in an environment without electric light, and when the temperature is between 17–20 C, in a non-rainy condition These insects will wait in the night to show their dramatic light when they find each other.

Their light also gives a sign, mating for the same-sex to warn each other about the threat of danger.

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Surrounded by three rivers

Tempat Wisata di Bogor
The tributaries in Highland Camp

The fourth fact of Highland Camp Curug Panjang, there are three tributaries of Cirangrang (anyone said Ciesek Rivers) which across Highland Camp and there is a waterfall on the east, Curug Sainah waterfall.

The river flow in the Highland Camp area of ​​Curug Panjang is often used as a river tracking route. Each river flow has different physical characters with different levels of tracking challenges.

Waterfall Complex

adventure di curug naga
Waterfall complex

On the northwest of the Highland Camp Curug Panjang, there is an exotic waterfall complex. 4 Waterfalls for special interest tourism, namely Dragon waterfall, Orok waterfall, Priuk waterfall, and Barong waterfall, and one for mass tourism, Curug Panjang waterfall.

The waterfall complex is a complete unit of five exotic waterfalls, the Terhulu waterfall (not included in Curug Panjang waterfall complex) is Bulao waterfall for mass tourism and  still in the Cirangrang tributaries,  on the western cliff of Mount Paseban.

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Family Camping Specialist

Tempat Camping keluarga
Family Camp Specialist

Although the area is designed to accommodate corporate gathering activities, outbound, outing, training, and human resource development based on experiential learning, the important fact is Highland Camp Curug Panjang specializes in family camping with a very strong appeal and brand on family camping products. This is proven that family groups dominate visits both during holidays and weekdays.

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Conclusion: 7 Facts about Highland Camp Curug Panjang in Bogor

Those are 7 unique facts that campers rarely know about Highland Camp Curug Panjang. With these facts, campers are invited to be smarter in choosing a camping place (venue) that matches their expectations and needs of the camping site.

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