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The EXOTEST Route, Trekking Puncak Kencana Via Mount Paseban

trekking di puncak bogor

Trekking In Puncak-Bogor, There are three trekking routes in Puncak Bogor with starting point at Highland campsite, in the western slope of Mount Paseban. The first trekking route to the peak of Puncak Kencana through the peak of Mount Gedogan and the peak of Karvak, and the second trekking route to the destination of Curug […]

Samara Camp; A Camping Ground Next to Curug Naga And Curug Panjang

samara camp puncak bogor

Highland Camp Samara is a camping site located north of the Curug Naga waterfall complex. This camping place which borders the post-1 waterfall tour ticket is intended as a family camping destination and campervan ground with a variety of special interest tourism activities such as long waterfall tours, cruising Naga waterfalls, forest hiking/trekking, river rafting, […]

Tourist Attractions in Sukabumi Have a One Stop Vacation Concept,This is Situ Gunung

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Apart from Mount Sukabumi, a special interest tourist spot based on adventure and education with a one stop vacation concept is Highland Camp, located on Jl. Situ Hiang, in a special interest tourist area, Curug Panjang. In the area which is located on the slopes of Mount Paseban, you will find many tourist activities such […]

Bukit Golf Campground Cibodas | Cibodas Tourism Series

Bukit Golf Camping Ground Cibodas

Bukit Golf Cibodas Camping Ground is a green field with flat contours in the Cibodas tourist area with the background of Mount Gede Pangrango. Cibodas Golf Hill was formerly a golf course, so in 2013 it was transformed into the largest camping site in the Cibodas tourist area. Meanwhile, the widest camping area in the […]

Highland Camp Curug Panjang | Camping Ground In Puncak Bogor [Review]

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Highland Camp – Highland Camp Curug Panjang is the widest camping site in the Puncak Bogor tourism area for gatherings, adventure-based outings and special interest tours with classic tents as a place to stay. Highland Camp Curug Panjang is formed from the beauty of an artificial landscape shows a comfortable camping place. It’s present between […]

6 Camping Grounds In Bandung for Family Camp, The Other is Glamping Camp

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If in Bogor, there is Highland Camp as a family camping place ((or family camping is a family recreational activity carried out in the open by sleeping in a tent, aiming to get an adventurous experience in the wild and learning about the environment and building quality togetherness in the family)) based on adventure and […]

33 Camping Grounds In Puncak, Bogor, Sukabumi, and Cibodas [Review]

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Camping Ground In Puncak, Bogor – Highland Camp Curug Panjang is the widest camping ground in Puncak Bogor, in shades of mountain forest, designed to facilitate special interest tourism activities, and adventure which is visited by many family groups in family camping tourism activities, by national and international companies in gathering or outing events, and […]


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The Facts about Curug Panjang Highland Camp HIGHLAND CAMP Curug Panjang is located at an altitude of 949 to 1086 meters above sea level. This camping site is designed to facilitate special tourism activities based on adventure, nature tourism, and education. Our camping ground is formed from the beauty of an artificial landscape shows a […]