Highland Camp Curug Panjang | Camping Ground In Puncak Bogor [Review]

highland camping ground

Highland Camp – Highland Camp Curug Panjang is the widest camping site in the Puncak Bogor tourism area for gatherings, adventure-based outings and special interest tours with classic tents as a place to stay. Highland Camp Curug Panjang is formed from the beauty of an artificial landscape shows a comfortable camping place. It’s present between the lower mountain hill, the element of water, and the beauty of the natural landscape with the richness of biodiversity.


Highland camp – Highland Camp Curug panjang is the largest camping site in Puncak Bogor with the feel of a mountain forest surrounded by rivers and 5 exotic waterfalls. Located within the Curug Panjang Tourism area in Jl. Curug Panjang, Paseban Megamendung Puncak Bogor – Jawa Barat

With complete natural facilities and artificial facilities as a means of supporting camping activities, which are designed to provide comfort for visitors, with easy accessibility from Bogor and Jakarta, Highland Camp Curug Panjang is the best choice for natural activities in Puncak, Bogor for family camping, independent camping, family gathering events, outings, waterfall tours and adventure tourism activities such as forest trekking, river crossing, waterfall exploring, etc.

Another interesting thing at Highland Camp Curug Panjang is the Fireflies Park. The Firefly Park is home for thousands of nocturnal insects that can produce light from cold rays. This luminous insect has the Latin name Lampyridae. If lucky (firefly spawns are affected by temperature and humidity), when camping, visitors will see these night insects display their dramatic light, they fly with light when looking for each other and as a sign of warning to each other about the threat of impending danger.

Review Highland Camping Ground Puncak Bogor

Highland camp – This camping site in Puncak Bogor is located among the charms of tropical forest formations of the lower mountains (sub-montane) which is located on the western slope of Mount Paseban, with an altitude of 949 – 1086 meters above sea level. And present in the charm of an artificial forest with pine merkusii as stands and calliandra as shrubs. The highland area of ​​the Curug Panjang camp is surrounded by stands that thrive with three Cirang tributaries that surround it, with artificial facilities as a means to support comfort in camping.

Highland campThere are two zones in Curug Panjang Highland camp, where each zone has its own uniqueness and character, namely the Halimun zone which has 4 campsites that can accommodate around 384 people if each big Pangrango dome tent is only filled with 4 mattress units for 4 people. And, the Ciputri zone which has 5 campsites that can accommodate about 400 people camping independently.

There are 3 campsites in the campground((Inconsistent use of phrases that refer to the Curug Panjang Highland camp, in the form of “camping places”, “camping ground”, “campgrounds”, “campgrounds” and “camping places” is based on an SEO approach , where the diversity of phrases containing the same meaning and purpose (synonyms) has a good influence in search engines.)) Highland which is dedicated to meet the needs of family camping with a special level of privacy, namely Kendeng, Kitjabud, Batutapak campsites. Batuampar Campsite and Leuweng Campsite.

Artificial Facilities at the Camping Site, Highland Camp Curug Panjang

Highland campArtificial facilities/facilities to support camping activities at the Curug Panjang Highland camp are toilet units spread over the camping area, and parking facilities located in both zones.

    1. Bathroom/toilets ;There are 3 units of buildings with 17 bathrooms whose water sources come from mountain springs, spread over the Halimun zone and the Ciputri zone, where most of them use squat toilets and 7 rooms are sitting toilets. The building unit located in the Halimun zone is equipped with a dining room for men and a sink room with a size of 4 x 2.5 meters per room.
    2. Mushala ; There is a prayer room in the Halimun zone which is next to the toilet/WC 
    3. Parking Zone ; There are two parking areas in the Halimun zone,  in the west directly adjacent to the Curug Panjang waterfall road and in the east it is bordered by the river,  two parking lots are covered with split stones with grass growing between them, the parking lot in the Halimun zone can be load about 30 units of 4-wheeled vehicles. Meanwhile, in the Ciputri zone which is devoted to parking for independent/regular camping visitors and family camps, it has a capacity of about 20 4-wheeled vehicles.
    4. Clean Water and Electricity ; there are three units of clean water showers spread in each zone, each unit has 4-6 showers. At the family campsite there is 1 shower in each area. Meanwhile, electricity facilities are distributed in each field, and when camping, each camping group will be facilitated with standing lamps and plugs placed around the tent.
    5. The tent and camping facilities ; The dome pangrango tent with two layers of cover (inner + flysheet) and a frame made of fiber as its builder is a temporary shelter during camping prepared by Highland camp Curug Panjang. This tent is designed to deal with rain, bad weather and avoid dew drops caused by condensation, measuring 3.75 x 2 meters inside (inside) with a midpoint height of 1.9 meters, can be filled with 4 mattress units for use by 4 people, If you use a mattress and sleeping bag, the capacity of this tent can accommodate up to 8 people. Each camping group will be equipped with a flysheet and a buffet set for serving food, a bonfire fireplace, electric plugs, lighting, portable lights, etc.

Natural Facilities at the Camping Ground Highland camp curug panjang

Highland campThe facilities provided by nature around the Highland Camp Long Curug Campground which can be used as adventure activities and water tourism when camping are 3 rivers circling each zone, Forest and biodiversity wealth along with interpretation paths, Saimah Waterfall and Firefly Parks.

    1. Rivers ;There are three streams of Cirangrang tributaries that cross the Highland Camp Curug Panjang campground which is often used as a river tracing route, each river flow has a different level of tracking challenge, this is because between one river flow with another river has different physical characteristics.
    2. Forest and Biodiversity ; The various types of plants and animals found in the Highland camp area, Curug Panjang and Lerangan to the west of Mount Paseban, which surround it are plants and animals that characterize the lower mountain forest (sub-montane).
    3. Curug Saimah ; Curug Saimah with its unique character, it is a trajectory for journey activities / adventure tourism from Highland camp long waterfall to long waterfall waterfall before passing through a forest track with a more challenging level of challenge than the previous track.
    4. Firefly Parks ; The firefly garden is home to thousands of luminous insects whose Latin name is Lampyridae. This zone with a dense vegetation level with the dominance of calliandra trees is very rich in organic materials, maintained its authenticity to preserve the population of nocturnal insects that can produce light from cold rays of pale red, yellow and green.
    5. Forest Tracking ; Is a special path that is used for hiking to the Curug Panjang waterfall, or a path that is in the forest, made for visitors to explore the mountain forest around the long waterfall area whose activities are packaged in adventure tourism activities.

Accessibility to Highland Campground

Highland campAccessibility from Puncak highway is +4.8 km (from the Cilember T-junction / Rest area Semesta), through the Cilember village road which can be passed by TNI trucks and micro buses with a capacity of 19/21 seats. For those who use the big bus with a capacity of 60 seats, the vehicle will be parked in the rest area of ​​the Cilember universe which is then transported using local transportation.

    1. Gadog Route ; exit the Ciawi toll gate then take the path to Gadog, 9 km from Gadog through the Puncak highway will meet the Cilember T-junction or the universe rest area then proceed to Highland Camp Curug Panjang
    2. Pasir Angin Route ; is used as an alternative route when the Puncak highway is congested. From the Jagorawi toll road, take the south sentul exit exit, then enter Rainbow Hill road to the rainbow hill road, from the rainbow hill road turn left to the breakthrough road or Mbah Aria road until finally at Cinangka Cipayung Girang and continue towards the peak highway, exit from the Megamendung mosque. About 500 meters from the Megamendung mosque enter Cilember / rest area of ​​the universe and continue to Highland Camp Curug Panjang.

Special Interest Tour at Highland Camp Curug Panjang

Highland campHighland Camp Curug Panjang Campground was developed as a special interest tourist spot. Special interest tourism is closely related to adventure tourism and educational tourism. “Special interest tourism or alternative tourism is intended for tourists who have a tendency to have special interests, goals and motivations in traveling and or to fulfill the sensation needs and deepest interests of tourists in tourism activities”. Special interest tourism at the long waterfall highland camp camp takes the form of camping activities such as educamp, family camp and a variety of camping products with other types, birwatching, forest trekking, river crossing, hiking, journey, waterfall exploring, body rafting, cliff jumping, and rappelling, etc.

Camping Tour at Highland Camp Curug Panjang

Highland campCamping is an activity carried out in the open, mountains or forest with a tent as a temporary residence. Although camping activities have a close relationship with scouting and nature lovers, currently camping is in great demand by the community across social, educational and institutional settings as an alternative choice for pro-environmental and educational tourism.

Curug Panjang Highland Camp, the area is designed to accommodate group and independent camping activities.

    1. Independent Camping ; is a camping activity that is carried out independently, where camping equipment such as tents, mattresses and others, as well as food while camping at Highland camp long waterfall is provided independently, in this case Highland Camp Curug Panjang is limited to providing camping spots.
    2. Camping Group ; camping group includes gatherings and outings in a camping atmosphere as well as family camping. Camping facilities for group campers provided by Highland Camp Curug Panjang include accommodation of tents and camping equipment, meals and activities during camping.

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Journey In the Camping Ground Highland Area

Highland campJourney is an exploration activity in the Highland camp Curug Panjang to the Curug Panjang waterfall, journey activities are carried out on the sidelines of camping activities around 09.00 – 12.00 or 13.00 – 14.00 WIB. These activities include river tracking, forest trekking and climbing the cliffs in the Saimah waterfall.

    1. Forest Tracking/Hiking ; This special path under the stand canopy is an integrated part of the river tracking route, this is because the journey activity is a complete blend of activities to explore the river and explore the forest with a long waterfall as the final destination of exploration.
    2. River Tracking ; There are three tributaries and a forest that is used as a river/river trekking route, the form of this adventure genre tourism activity is to go against the flow of the river and explore the forest to the waterfall with different levels of challenges on each route. Most of the tourists who visit Highland Camp Curug Panjang, make journey activities as part of adventure activities on the sidelines of camping activities, where the river is the route that must be passed in addition to the trails in the forest.

Nature Tourism in Campground Area, Highland Camp Curug Panjang

Highland campOn the southwest ridge of Mount Paseban, there is a charm that comes from the upstream flow of the Cirangrang / Ciesek river, its beauty has become an object of water tourism attraction visited by many tourists. Is a long waterfall complex consisting of 5 exotic waterfalls, namely 1. Dragon waterfall, 2. Barong waterfall, 3. Orok waterfall, and 4. Priuk waterfall for special interest tours of Naga Curug exploration and the other is Curug Panjang waterfall for general tourism. .

Curug Panjang Waterfall Tour

Highland camp – Different from the other waterfalls that are located along the upstream of the Cirangrang river which generally has a vertical waterfall. Curug Panjang waterfall forms a slope of +20 meters with a fairly heavy and constant water flow, has a waterfall height of +2 meters, with a depth of up to +7 meters and a plunge pool with a diameter of +10 meters, the water is cool and green in color tosca it forms a large pool that can be swim by every visitor who comes and travels in Curug Panjang waterfall tourism area. Curug Panjang is located to the north of the Highland Camp Campground, Curug Panjang and can be reached by foot in about 10 to 15 minutes.

Curug Naga Journey

It is an exploration activity in three waterfalls, namely Curug Naga, Curug Orok and Curug Priuk using body protectors and safety system standards that have been set in heavy current sports. In the cruising activity of the dragon waterfall, tourists will pass several obstacles such as forest obstacles, down cliffs with rappeling techniques and along the direction of the river flow. At some waterfall spots, tourists can do challenges in the form of cliff jumping and body rafting. .

Highland Camp ; The Largest Camping Ground in Puncak Natural Tourism Sights for Special Interest Tourism

Highland Camp – Highland Camp Curug Panjang Camping Ground which is in the Curug Panjang Tourism Area is a camping area and a complete natural tourist spot for camping and tourism activities of the natural beauty genre. With all forms of knick-knacks, such as natural and environmental facilities, easy-to-reach accessibility and artificial facilities to support comfort and satisfaction when traveling, Highland Camp Curug Panjang is a smart tourist choice for people who expect sensation and satisfaction in camping and nature tourism. .

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