Samara Camp; A Camping Ground Next to Curug Naga And Curug Panjang

Highland Camp Samara is a camping site located north of the Curug Naga waterfall complex. This camping place which borders the post-1 waterfall tour ticket is intended as a family camping destination and campervan ground with a variety of special interest tourism activities such as long waterfall tours, cruising Naga waterfalls, forest hiking/trekking, river rafting, body rafting, and others.


In the natural tourist area of ​​Curug Panjang there are several camping places with natural nuances of hills, forests and water elements. One of them is the Samara camping ground which can accommodate up to 300 people.

And, the widest camping area in the natural tourist area of ​​Curug Panjang is the Highland Camp of Curug Panjang which can accommodate up to 800 campers. The two camping grounds are separated by the flow of the Ciesek river where along the river there is a complex of Curug Naga and Curug Panjang waterfalls.

Both Samara camping ground and Highland camp are located next to the Curug Naga waterfall and the long waterfall complex is in great demand by family camping groups, communities, etc. Especially for the Samara Ground camping, several campsites are designed to accommodate campervan type camps.

Some of the activities that can be done when camping at Samara camp are forest hiking/trekking, river crossing, waterfall cruising, waterfall tours, etc.

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Review of Samara Camping Ground Megamendung

Samara camping ground is located in Citamiang, Megamendung village, Megamendung sub-district, Bogor, West Java. The camping ground which is adjacent to the tourist area of the Curug Panjang Waterfall and Curug Naga has a capacity of up to 300 people for family camp, campervan and for gathering, outing and outbound activities with tents as accomodation.

Around the Samara Camp camping ground there are several other camping places, namely Camp Curug Naga, Citamiang camping ground, etc, which can be reached by passing the Megamendung road, and camping ground Taman Alam Matahari (TWM) dan Highland camp Curug Panjang   which can be reached by passing the Cilember road,

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Samara Camping Ground Facilities

Samara camping ground has several facilities to meet the needs of campers when camping, namely:

  1. Campsite : There are several campsites (places/fields to set up tents) of small, medium and large sizes.
    • the largest is in the middle of the camping area with a capacity of about 20 tents for group camping, and if a campervan is used, the capacity is about 15 cars complete with a tent beside it.
    • Medium-sized campsites are located in the west to north, this campsite can accommodate about 5-7 tents or 4-5 tents with a car beside it.
    • The small campsite is located east of the main field, with a contoured location, each step can accommodate 3-5 tents, this location is often used as a family camping campsite.
  2. Parking Area: At Samara camp, cars can be parked beside the tent, or parked in a special parking area that spreads around the camp area, the available parking space can accommodate about 30 vehicles.
  3. Toilets : there are 3 toilet units scattered around the campsite.
    • 1 unit with 7 doors is located south of the camping ground, with the Perhutani area.
    • Two more units spread around the camp site, each unit has 2 doors.
  4. Stalls : around camp Samara there are stalls that provide necessities during camping such as food, coffee, etc., these stalls are located in the northeast of the camp, or 50 meters before heading 1 Curug Panjang ticket post.
  5. Information Post : 50 meters after the gate of Samara camp, there is a base / post as an information center.

Accessibility To Samara Camp

To reach the Samara camping ground from the Megamendung T-junction or the Nurul Huda Megamendung mosque, you can travel by 4-wheeled or 2-wheeled vehicles for 6.5 km, pass through Pusdik Serse Megamendung road, then continue towards Bank Mega by taking the direction to Curug Panjang post 1.

From Bank Mega, you will be faced with a road with a forest atmosphere on the left and right of the road. along the way there are several villa complexes. Many winding roads lead to the Samara camping ground with a road width of about 2.5 to 3.5 meters. Therefore, caution is required when crossing the road from Bank Mega to Samara camp.

Samara Camp For Family Camp

Family camping is a family recreational activity carried out in the open by sleeping using a tent as a temporary residence. In addition to being limited to tourism, family camping has the aim of getting adventure experiences in the wild and learning about the environment as well as building the quality of togetherness in the family.

Some of the activities  during family camping are river tracking, hiking / trekking, observing wildlife, bonfires and berbeques, playing to Curug Panjang, cooking liwet rice, planting trees, etc.

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Samara Camp For Campervan

At Samara Camping Ground, several campsites are designed for camping with the campervan genre, where a tent can be built next to a camper’s car. Camping with the campervan genre lately is much loved, even though it deviates a little from the real campervan concept.

campervan samara camp

Activies at Samara Camping Ground

We can do tourist  activities when camping at the Samara camping ground are waterfall-based tourism activities and nature tourism, namely cruising the Naga waterfall and waterfall tours. some of the other activities are hiking, riverwalking, etc.

Explore Curug Naga

Exploring the waterfalls of Curug Naga is an adventure-based tour whose activities are carried out at 4 waterfalls with exotic environments located in the natural tourism area of ​​Curug Panjang, on the southwest ridge of Mount Paseban.

Exploration of Curug Naga has an adventure duration of between 2-4 hours depending on the selection of the exploration package. There are 2 kinds of packages to choose from when you want to feel the sensation of adventure on the sidelines of camping activities at Samara camp, namely the choice of exploring 2 waterfalls and exploring 3 waterfalls. Various sensations can be felt when cruising, such as the sensation of cliff jumping, body rafting, climbing rocks, rappeling and the sensation of exploring the path under the thick canopy of stands and along the cold river currents.

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Waterfall Tour

Curug Panjang is a water tourism with the main attraction is the Curug Panjang waterfall. Curug Panjang has a waterfall pool with a diameter of 10 meters is a mass tourist destination.

Usually tourists will do swimming activities in waterfall pools when traveling in long waterfalls, other than just relaxing on large rocks.

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Nearby Tour To Samara Camp

Curug Panjang Waterfall

The first ticket post of waterfall Curug Panjang is 50 meters northeast of Samara camp. To get to the long waterfall, you have to walk + 500 meters from the ticket post. The rocky path with forest along its left and right is the only track that can be passed to the long waterfall from the Samara Camping Ground.

Curug Panjang waterfall is a natural tourist spot with waterfalls as a tourist attraction. It is called a long waterfall because the waterfall forms a slope of +20 meters long, has a waterfall height of +4 meters, with a depth of 7 meters with a plunge pool of +10 meters in diameter, the outpouring of cool and green tosca water forms a pond. large, tourists can swim in the long waterfall pool.

Around the Curug Panjang waterfall there are stalls that provide food and drinks, and several other tourist facilities such as bathrooms / toilets, play areas, and many others.

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Curug Naga Waterfall Complex

The Curug Naga waterfall complex is a special interest tourism complex with an adventure genre by exploring the river (body rafting), hiking / forest trekking. Curug Naga has a waterfall height of about +28 meters with a plunge pool depth of 12 meters, flanked by high cliffs whose roof is covered by thick trees.

The cliffs at Curug Naga are hard and rocky rocks which are natural spots for free jumps to test your adrenaline by free falling from a height of 7-8 meters.

Curug Naga waterfall is located southeast of Samara camping ground. To reach the Naga waterfall, it can be reached from two directions on foot, the first from the direction of the long waterfall post 1 and the second from the direction of the Naga waterfall camp.

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The Conclusion of Samara Camping Ground; A Camping Ground Next To Curug Naga and Curug Panjang

Recently, camping has become a popular tourist activity that is loved by many people across economic, social and educational levels. There are two genres of camping, namely classic camp and glamor camping or glamping.

Samara camping ground, which is located close to natural tourism Curug Panjang and Curug Naga, takes the classic camp genre. Some of the supporting facilities for camping activities are family camping campsites, campsites for canverpans with a wide variety, other facilities are bathrooms, stalls etc.

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